Calderon Signed The Law That Regulates The Operation Of Day Care Centers

The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, signed yesterday a law that governs the operation and safety of day care centers in the country, to avoid tragedies like the one registered two years ago in the city of Hermosillo, in which 49 children died after a fire in a children’s center.

“Our commitment is clear; we are doing everything in our power so that, as far as humanly possible, we can avoid repeating such painful events, such as those of the ABC Nursery,” the Mexican president said in a statement. Statement at the presidential residence of Los Pinos.

The decree signed yesterday “represents a fundamental step to guarantee the best safety conditions for girls and boys who attend nurseries and children’s stays in the country, whether public, private or mixed,” he said.

The Chamber of Deputies approved this law last September, under the name of the General Law for the Provision of Services for Care, Comprehensive Care and Development of Children, with 372 votes in favor, zero against and two abstentions.

It will punish those who do not comply with civil protection measures, insurance policies and quality standards based on the rights of children, and will also allow for a national registry of children’s stays and their workers.

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Family Lawyer

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